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    • Wii Sports Club updated with Sports Resort levels 20 December, 2014
      Wii U sports collection Wii Sports Club has been updated with the nine golf courses featured in Wii Sports Resort. The free update was announced today on Twitter by Nintendo of Japan (thanks, NeoGAF ) and made immediately available to download. It brings the total number of Golf levels available up to 27. Nintendo has yet to formally announce the update in E […]
    • New Nintendo Consoles Already On Way 19 December, 2014
      What comes after the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS? Whatever Japanese video-game company Nintendo has in store is already in the works, says Nintendo manager, producer and designer Shigeru Miyamoto.
    • Duck Hunt Hits Wii U on Christmas 18 December, 2014
      Legendary NES game comes to Wii U Virtual Console a week from today; pricing details not announced.
    • Miyamoto Discusses Scope of Legend of Zelda Wii U's Map, Mario Maker Online Sharing, and Star Fox 18 December, 2014
      Miyamoto explains that one area in Zelda on Wii U will be the size of the entire map from Twilight Princess, as well as providing new teases for Star Fox and Mario Maker.
    • Can People Get Hurt Playing Wii Games? 17 December, 2014
      The Nintendo Wii may be on your Christmas list, but all that arm swinging and jumping has been tied to certain injuries, including muscle injuries, and cuts and black eyes, according to a new review study.
    • Why Nintendo's Wii U Might Be The Best Console To Unwrap Christmas Morning 16 December, 2014
      In the next week or so, there will likely be many articles stacking up the three major consoles, the PS4, the Xbox One, and the Wii U, comparing price, features, graphics, games and so on as you try to understand which one to buy for someone (or yourself) this holiday
    • No More Balance Patches for Wii U Smash Bros. 16 December, 2014
      Outside of fixes for online, there will be no further major updates to Smash Bros. gameplay.
    • Retro City Rampage is never getting a Wii U port. Here's why. 13 December, 2014
      In candid language, the creator of Retro City Rampage has explained why he will not port the game to Wii U. The time required to create a Wii U version of the game would result in something that is "95 percent identical" to the version launched on WiiWare in early 2013, Brian Provinciano said. Thanks to the Wii U's backward compatibility, WiiW […]
    • Wii U Sales Jump Amid Strong Start for Amiibo 12 December, 2014
      Plus, Super Smash Bros for Wii U hits 700,000 sales in November.
    • A Wii U is mandatory if you want to talk about 2014's Game of the Year 9 December, 2014
      The Nintendo Wii U has had a shaky past, and it's easy to criticize its terrible launch, confusing messaging and lack of modern conveniences. Sales are up, but the system's installed base still can't compete with the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. It would be hard to turn the Wii U into your primary console — there are simply too many games that w […]
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