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    • About Half of All Wii U Owners Have a Copy of Mario Kart 8 31 October, 2014
      Sales of the racing game hit 3.49 million copies, while hardware sales rise to 7.29 million units.
    • Nearly half of all Wii U owners also own Mario Kart 8 31 October, 2014
      Almost half of everyone who owns a Wii U also owns Mario Kart 8, according Nintendo sales figures released this week. Since its release in May 2014, Mario Kart 8 has sold 3.49 million units, as disclosed in Nintendo's financial results briefing (PDF link). On its investor relations website, Nintendo pegs Wii U sales at 7.29 million units as of Sept. 30, […]
    • Can Nintendo turn Wii U around? 31 October, 2014
      Wii U has been a huge disappointment for Nintendo. Nintendo is the most venerable name in gaming and yet Wii U has not sold nearly as many units as the company hoped, planned and budgeted. As a result, Nintendo's future in the console business looks murky.
    • Change of Plan for Smash Bros Wii U Release Date in UK 31 October, 2014
      Date moved forward to November 28, one week after the US; Ship date also changes for GameCube controller and Amiibo bundle.
    • Wii U sales skyrocket, and Nintendo expects more thanks to Super Smash Bros. 30 October, 2014
      Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will bolster console sales, continuing a trend that began earlier this year with the release of Mario Kart 8 and increased sales as much as 200 percent, Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata said during a financial results briefing today. In May 2014, Nintendo announced a $456 million annual operating loss for the fiscal year en […]
    • Wii U Gets Pre-Loading With Smash Bros. 30 October, 2014
      Nintendo implementing new feature in November; coming to 3DS sometime in 2015.
    • Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 Breathing Life Into Wii U 30 October, 2014
      Nintendo Co. (7974)'s Wii U is showing renewed signs of life almost two years after its release. The struggling console posted its first consecutive quarterly sales gains as new software titles led by Mario Kart 8 boosted demand, according to earnings results announced yesterday by the Kyoto, Japan-based game maker. Wii U sales more than doubled from a […]
    • Nintendo Just Turned Profitable and Wii U Sales Are Past 7 Million 29 October, 2014
      Wii U sales more than doubled between April and September 2014, bolstered by sales of Mario Kart 8.
    • Nintendo’s Wii U Building Momentum for Holiday Season 29 October, 2014
      Nintendo Co. (7974) is counting on new games to boost sales of its Wii U and the latest results suggest that strategy is breathing life back into the console.
    • Nintendo beats forecasts on Mario Wii U lift, on track for full-year profit 29 October, 2014
      * Wii U sales picked up after Mario game launch in May -CEO OSAKA, Japan Oct 29 (Reuters) - Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co vaulted to an unexpected quarterly operating profit as new game "Mario Kart 8" stoked sales of its Wii U console, bolstering hopes it was on track for its first annual profit in four years. Ahead of the vital year-end ho […]
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